I have worked in an educational setting for fourteen years in various roles, eventually leading to building a counselling department within a mixed middle, secondary and Sixth Form school. Through each role that I have worked in, there has been one common theme that has kept appearing. This is that children and young people are under increasing pressure from a number of directions and are not always equipped to cope with this or are just generally feeling lost.

For the last six years I have run various workshops within a school setting, and in my own private practice, ranging from exam stress to social skills. From experience, the most effective method has been working creatively with young people, helping them to understand they can take a moment to breathe and live in the current moment. While working creatively and mindfully, they are able to learn to understand their emotions, build on teamwork skills, and develop coping strategies within various situations, such as difficult social ones.

I fully believe in mindfulness and creativity. This is a part of not just my work within the educational setting, but also in my one-to-one private counselling work, and also in my personal life. This led me to name my workshop company Trap the Spark; to find that moment when we are truly happy, relaxed, and feeling okay in ourselves. I want to take these ideas into other schools and build on them, helping more children and young people to have a moment to breathe.

Website: www.trapthespark.co.uk / www.cycounselling.co.uk