Using Mindfulness to anchor yourself when you are feeling anxious!

Just like a ship needs an anchor to keep itself safe in stormy weather, so can we use an anchor to help us weather the anxiety storm!

Every single day we come into contact with items and objects. Something as simple as a doorknob can offer us so much sensory input and offer us a distraction from anxiety.

Teaching ourselves and our kids to be in the present moment and to enjoy the touch of everyday objects can genuinely transform emotions within a moment.

Whether the object is rough or smooth, dark in colour or spotty. Just noticing and allowing what it is to just be! This is a powerful message for anybody to integrate.

To do this exercise, pick an everyday item around you and start to pay it attention without judgement. Just noticing what you are seeing. Really looking and feeling and noticing. What do you see and feel? Is it different than you remember it being?

When we become anxious we are focusing on the awful feeling of anxiety and this can cause the symptoms that we are experiencing to become a lot worse.

By refocusing our attention on everyday items around us, we can start to take back some of the control and reduce the symptoms.

Try our TAKE 5,4,3,2,1 method:

Take five deep breaths while focusing on your breath and using the words breathing in and breathing out!

Take four everyday items and start to speak them out. Describe them! How do they look, feel, smell, touch, taste and sound?

Take three steps, jumps or movements and think about it feels to move your body differently. Focus on your where you put your weight or how you old your body.

Take two deep breaths and remind yourself that this is almost over if is not already over. Focus on your breath!

Take one moment to feel how different your body is feeling once calmer. Remember how good it feels to take back the control. Take a snap shot of this in your mind and come up with an anchor word that reminds you of this moment. The moment when you were able to survive your anxiety attack and conquer it!

I love the smell of log fires and they are really calming for me! I use campfire as my anchor word!