What is the Confident Hearts Model

Life has become so challenging for all of us. We are born into a world where disconnection, anxiety, pressure, isolation, bullying and instant gratification have become the norm. More and more young people are struggling with depression, self-harming, isolation and anxiety then ever before. We are seeing mental health services pushed to breaking point and parents unable to find the right support to help their young people who are suffering. I am mom to a young man who suffers with anxiety and depression and I have walked this journey myself.

I trained as a counsellor to be able to support young people and their families in a hope that I could help someone like my son, to feel heard, important and validated. As I developed in my counselling role, I recognised that to help the young people who were coming to me, I needed to be able to support the development of three key areas…


As a result this Confident Hearts Project was born! I then realised that I could help more lives by training others to inspire & empower young minds by delivering these sessions in their workplaces with young people.

We have now trained more than 100 coaches globally, have supported and worked with hundreds of young people and their families and as the project grows, our aims and dreams for helping more and more people grow too.

We are a team of three and have over 45 years combined experience from the Mindfulness, therapeutic and self-help world. We are a family run project and I am so happy to connect with you today…




Find out more about our online accredited training programme to become a qualified Creative Youth Wellbeing & Mindfulness Coach. This programme includes everything you need to get started as a coach. This can be delivered in schools, private group sessions, 1:1 with young people, communities, outreach programmes & anywhere you have access to supporting young people


My name is Tanja Sharpe and I am a qualified Integrative Counsellor & Therapeutic Coach. I am a member of various professional organisations including The British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy and my background includes working within the NHS, as well as working for Rape Crisis and managing a successful private practice supporting young people & their families. I am a survivor of PTSD, burn-out and vicarious trauma and I know how difficult it can be to start to find a way out from what can feel like an overwhelming life. I can confidently support you to heal from feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious and burnt out. I believe that the best gift you can give yourself and the world around you is the most vibrant, connected and confident version of you that you can be and I have helped hundreds of people just like you. I work by offering a range of tools from different models including CBT, NLP, Mindfulness, Person Centred, Psychodynamic, Timeline Therapy and creative therapeutic frameworks. I work online and support clients globally. Contact me for a free consultation where together we can decide the best way forward to support you.


I am a successful online community builder, social entrepreneur, author, mental health speaker and coach.

In 2018/2019 I was recognised by Facebook as one of the 115 most inspiring Community Leaders in the world” for my work in founding The Creative Counsellors Club where we aim to empower one million people globally to take charge of their mental health through the Power of Community & Creativity!

I was invited to join Facebook as a Fellow on their Community Leadership Program and I have traveled the world meeting other beautiful social entrepreneurs and community leaders. This has helped me to grow my leadership skills and enabled me to support other leaders and entrepreneurs to grow their projects and communities.

In 2019 I was nominated by Lady Nicola Mendelsohn CBE (VP EMEA Facebook) for a DOTS award and was recognised in their International Womens Day 2019 feature “meet 100 trailblazers redefining the creative industry”

My work has also been featured in magazines and online publications. I published my third book which has recently been nominated for an award and I have spoken on stages as a mental health advocate as well as hosting popular events, retreats and training days! I only coach others to be successful in areas that I have been successful in already. I feel that this is very important when looking to work with a coach. I encourage you to work with someone who walks their talk, someone with lived experience. Coaching & mentoring offers a 1:1 relationship where together we can take your current skills to the next level regardless of where you are on your journey! I have spent thousands of £££££££ and countless hours learning, developing & fine tuning these skills over the years. I know the strategies and tools which will help you to succeed. I can support you and coach you through the falls and celebrate and cheer you on through your wins! I have access to many communities online and am a great connector & networker to help you get started!



Using creative therapy techniques developed through years of working with young children, this activity book is an invaluable confidence boosting resource for children aged 6-11. Unique drawing exercises develop confidence, encourage self-awareness and help open up conversations where children are struggling to verbalise their thoughts or emotions

In this interactive book, 50 illustrated, entertaining characters help children explore and process their emotions – such as Stomper who loves to dance, or the Balloon Brothers who lift away sad feelings. These tried and tested communication tools are particularly helpful for children with autism or additional needs, or children suffering from anxiety or bullying