An online retreat for extra-ordinary heroes who are raising extra-ordinary kids

I’m Tanja!

I am mom to my teenage son with Asperger’s Syndrome and am a qualified Integrative Therapist. I work face to face in my own private practice where I support families who are have an extra-ordinary need like Autism, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD and many other life changing struggles. I decided to reach out online to families who are feeling stuck in survival mode as I know this feeling well. I remember what it is like to be waiting for the next attack from the world, the next thing that would hurt my child or the next party that we were not going to be invited too!
Both my son and I were stuck in defence mode, like cornered puppies, we were waiting for the next event where we would need to retreat or fight back against a world that just didn’t seem to “GET IT”.

I hated the school gate pick ups as I knew that my son would have struggled against a system that is not creative enough to support him to his full potential. So I knew that there would be drama. I would hear about the birthday parties that “everyone” is invited too but not see an invite for my son. I would hear about how moms were dating and dads were hanging out together but know that this wouldn’t be our story that weekend. Our story would more likely be a story about a mom who has to help her son process why he is different? Why he can’t sleep at night and has terrifying nightmares? Why he doesn’t feel like life supports him and why we would all be better off without him!

I spent so many years living in survival mode and feeling defensive against the world around me, that I started to retreat and to want to find a cabin in the woods, far away from people and all the pain that life brought to our door! I wanted to keep us both safe and to rest and heal from all the pain and the trauma that we were both carrying. We were exhausted and worn down. At breaking point and unsure of what to do next!

So I started to put myself in “emotional rehab”. I decided that enough was enough and if life wasn’t built for us, then we would build the life that we want and deserve! I started to change my thinking. I started to see life for what it was. I started to fight back against the systems which were beating us down! I started to listen intuitively to what my child needed and what his health and immune system wanted. I studied holistic topics and spoke with many leading health and holistic experts. I rearranged life to suit us!

I learnt to stop trying to change what I can’t control and to focus on the things that I could have a positive impact on! I removed my son from school and home educated him. I moved hundreds of miles away to be nearer to family and support. I ended my marriage and put ourselves first for the first time on our whole journey together!

I started to put my heart and my sons needs first! I made a choice to fall in love with life one day at a time and we are still on this exciting healing, loving and living journey today!

I want to be able to support you to build a life around your extra-ordinary child’s needs. I want to be able to help you to find a path through the chaos and to support you to find peace and excitement and to create a life on your terms!